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Learn a wide variety of Country, Latin, and Ballroom dances from excited, caring teachers. Here at Dynamic Dance DFW, we work hard to make our home feel like your home.



I Dance


To exercise and face my demons to the beat of my own soul.

To feel close to my mom.

To free my mind and my body of the restraints and inhibiting negativity. 

Because its the closest I'll ever get to my true self (and my inner diva) other than when I'm completely alone. 

Because it's one of the few places where the feedback is positive and faith in me is palpable.

To exercise my body.

Because I feel lighter, like the heaviness of me or my stress is manageable. 

Because I found a great teacher who encourages me to do my best and no else's. 

To overcome the idea that only perfection equates to worth.

To one day reach the point where the steps are secondary to the feel of the music. 

Midhat and Ayah

Our instructor, Courtney, was fantastic: knowledgeable, kind, supportive, and energetic. We were shortly zooming around the dance floor doing the foxtrot as a result of her great instruction. The lessons were easy to follow and tailored to our needs and interest. The owner, Robert, chimed in with tips to help us improve our dancing and was key to the studio's enriching but easygoing atmosphere. My wife and I had a great time and hope to return for more lessons in the future.

Jacob and Kem

Date night will never be the same! My wife and I came in with no experience, and now we are two-stepping all across the dance floor. Every woman loves to be twirled around the dance floor. With our lessons setup once a week, we look forward to each one and plan a date night around it; which has added a whole new element to going out. The experience has been amazing. We spend time together learning something new, laughing, and the best part is we get to take it with us where ever we go. The staff and instructors have been fantastic. They are all very laid back and have coached us along the way. We would definitely recommend this to anyone or couple, it has been a great experience.


My name is Deanna and I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. A few months ago I decided to add some new and unique experiences to my life. Since I love the show Dancing With The Stars, I decided to search out Salsa dancing lessons. Through Dynamic Dance, I have been able to learn dances and moves I never knew before. I have also met other people who love dancing as much as me. This experience has been challenging, but ultimately so rewarding. In the future, I can visualize myself at a competition in a sparkly purple dress!

Dave and Debbie

When we started taking lessons, our only intent was to take three or four lessons to get non-dancing Dave ready for a party we were to attend. Debbie had always loved to dance, but Dave could not care less about dancing. We had no idea that we were about to embark on something that we - especially Dave, though Debbie gets 'told you so' rights - enjoy so much that we are still doing it nine months later with a weekly lesson and nightly practice at home three or four times between lessons. This is due, in great part, to Robert's highly competent, encouraging, patient style and cheerful personality, supported by the other great instructors and staff of Dynamic Dance. Dance provides grace, calm, exercise, and goals to strive towards and, in the final analysis, is just plain fun. We're very grateful to our teacher and Dynamic Dance for this new important part of our lives.

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