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Changing Lives One Dance at a Time

Learn a wide variety of Country, Latin, and Ballroom dances from excited, caring teachers. Here at Dynamic Dance DFW, we work hard to make our home feel like your home.

Types of Lessons and Events

Dynamic Dance DFW offers a wide variety of engagements tailored to fit everyone’s unique view of dancing. From one on one instruction to exciting competitive events, we will help you participate exactly the way you want to.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the gateway to everything you're looking for as a dancer, from feeling comfortable socially dancing to obtaining the skills required for competitive dancing. You get to work directly with your teacher on a one on one basis to improve all of your dancing skills.

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Group Classes

Group classes are a way for students to continue working on their dancing outside of private lessons. These classes range from basic steps and moving around the dance floor to working on the techniques of each dance to improve their overall dancing experience.

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Wedding Dance Lessons

These lessons are designed specifically for the First Dance, this moment can be a bit unnerving if you have never danced. We understand completely. Our highly trained staff are ready to make your Wedding Dance outstanding and fun to look and feel great so that you can just relax and have the time of your life as you enjoy your special day.

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Showcases are a way to display a dancer's ongoing improvement and demonstrate skills acquired from private lessons and group classes. Every three to four months, invite your friends and family to see how your skills have grown.

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Match Competitions

Match Competitions are regional showcase opportunities that bring together several studios. They provide an opportunity for dancers from all over the area to interact and get a taste of competition in a low-pressure environment.

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Regional/National/International Competitions

Regional, national, and international competitions are chances for dancers to pull together everything they have learned. It is an opportunity for students to challenge themselves and see how they measure up against other dancers. These competitions are generally much larger than other events, attracting people from all over the state, the country, or the world.

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